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    ? ? ?Hangzhou Zhonghao Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in Sep 2003, a foreign-funded enterprise specialized in mold design, manufacturing and injection molding under Zhejiang Zhongmao group.
    ? ? ?The mold design and manufacturing capacity is 260-400 sets / year, and the mold development cycle is 2-6 weeks. The core equipment related to mold manufacturing is mainly imported numerical control equipment such as Muye and Sadik. Injection processing capacity: within 3200g (800t), the company maintains 96 sets of 10-800t injection molding machines. The company has complete testing equipment, including three dimensional, OGP, projector, moisture tester, melt index tester, hardness tester, spectrum analyzer and other testing equipment. The company has successively obtained four system certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, iatf16949 and ISO13485. The products processing services provided by the company cover automobile industry, medical industry, home appliance industry, it communication industry, stamping industry, etc.

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